Fees are determined based on what rate category you or your organization are assigned to.  If your account is new then you or your group may not have been assigned its rate category. This process is not automatic.  If you or your group haven't been approved or assigned to receive a certain rate group by the facility owner organization (or school district), then you will receive commercial or non-profit rates by default.  

You can still submit your request without concern because all fees at checkout are estimates. Fees are reviewed by the District or Facility Owner and they make any necessary updates to fees according to their fee policy or other arrangements with your group. You will be able to leave a comment after checkout requesting special fee consideration for your group. 

You may also leave comments on the Reservation Details page requesting updates on the status of your fee/rate group review for the District or Facility Owner.

Accounts cannot receive special rates (rates other than commercial or non-profit) UNTIL the District or Facility Owner verifies and/or assigns your organization to a special rate group.  

Leave a comment after checkout if your group receives special rates.