Facilitron is a facility management and data solutions platform for public facility organizations such as schools, colleges and municipalities designed to help them track, manage, and analyze how and when their facilities are being used.

With Facilitron you can view all of the activities occurring at your school or district, schedule or reserve school and district facilities, and manage facility use requests that come in from the community - all in one place.

And with Facilitron, you have a dedicated account manager and customer support team to assist you whenever you need help.

It's important to know that while it may be new to you and perhaps even new to your district, Facilitron is a powerful tool that has been customized to work like a digital version of your current process and an extension of your district's policies. Only it's been designed to speed up scheduling and save administrative time over old processes like pen and paper. And remember, your school and district continue to manage approvals and remain in complete control of how and when your facilities are used. 

Though it's a transition to a new process, Facilitron provides a new level of operational intelligence on facility use so districts can analyze the effectiveness of their facility use policies.